Welcome to The Organic Dog Shop

The Organic Dog Shop was created because we wanted to provide a comprehensive store where holistically minded dog owners could feel at ease knowing they were getting only the healthiest and non-toxic products for their pets.

With all the garbage (and we mean literal garbage) put into commercial pet products, we have seen our furry friends suffer the health consequences. An astronomical rise in cases of cancers, disease, and shorter life spans. What we expose our pets to matters! Pet nutrition, supplementation and environmental factors impact our pets greatly.

When we adopted Hank, our Jack Russell Terrier, he suffered from severe allergies, early-stage kidney problems, digestive issues, and more. As someone who is holistically oriented when it comes to healing, we tried to find natural products that would help Hank build health from the inside out. We quickly found there were limited stores where truly natural and non-toxic brands were available. Too often we found that “natural” pet stores were selling products labeled as “healthy” when they contained ingredients or materials that were known to cause harm to pets!

We were determined to create a place where only the best, highest-quality natural pet products could be found, and that dog owners could trust.

We adhere to a strict ingredient ban list, even those that can be found in “natural” products. We only carry products by companies that share the same philosophies we do.

Experience the difference of holistic care with The Organic Dog Shop, where we're passionate about helping your dogs live their happiest, healthiest lives naturally. Join us in our mission to provide pets everywhere with the highest quality holistic essentials, because we believe every dog deserves the best!

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